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NEW TERM     4 MAY 2024 - 6 JULY 2024



About Us

We are a Non-profit, Non-political, Non-religious community language school based in South West of Sydney since 2015.

Sheffy Zheng is our school's principal, and we are honoured to have PhD Xuefeng Zhang as the honour principal. Our teaching staff are experienced and passionate in delivering quality education to students.

Our Chinese classes offer different levels: Beginner, Intermediate to Advanced.

You are invited to explore Chinese Language & Culture with us!

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Chinese Class (10AM - 12PM)


        Chinese Class (12:30PM - 2:30PM)

Above Classes are $200 / 10 Lessons (Per Term)

Enrol With Us Today

These classes are open for Children (5+). School terms correspond with NSW public schools. The first trial lesson is for free! We also accept Active and Creative Kids Voucher. 

If you are interested in placing an enrolment for the class above, contact us to access further information in supporting your enrolment.

EMAIL: / TEL: 04 6655 1480

Fee Information

  • Fees are collected on term basis. There are normally 10 weeks' classes in a term.

  • New students will enjoy the first week's free of charge trial class, and pay the remaining weeks of classes for the term.​

  • Fees for the new term are payable prior term starts.

  • The preferred way of payment is via bank transfer (When making your payment, please indicate student’s name, and notify the school after transferring).

  • We accept NSW government’s Active and Creative Kids Voucher.

  • Under normal circumstance, no refund is granted once the term’s fees are paid and students have started their first week’s classes. In the case when the student is or will be absent for more than (not inclusive) three consecutive week’s classes due to special reasons, refund may be considered. Examples of special reasons may include illness or moving to another state or overseas.

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